Monday, October 26, 2009

*Exclusive audition footage*

Earlier this year Oval 57 and Knechten auditioned for the "Pelle Politibil" movie with their belowed cars. Having experience from original-polizei work, they thought they would have shot at becoming movie stars. Before having their cars painted in black and white, they had to pass the first audition with a road test and a river test (as seen in the trailer). This footage is from the first stage of the road test. The river test was never caught on tape, because the cars never made it to the point of where the camera man was standing. Both cars are now drying out in a warm garage... In the edge of the picture you can also spot Fürsten trying out a statist role. Unfornately he did not make it eather, because the jury didn't believe the "puzzle" was a real beetle... Better luck next time for the Sechs Volt =)

The "Originalpolizei" goes animated?

No, it's not the Sechs volt "originalpolizei" this time. It's a new Norwegian animated cinema movie for children called "Pelle Politibil" coming to the cinemas in december this year, in Norway that is. At least the young generation of Sechs Volt prospects will enjoy this for years to come I'm sure. Knechten and Oval 57 auditioned for the Pelle Politibil movie earlier this autumn, but they chose to make it animated although we put in some effort to make it work with real cars. Unfornately our cars didn't do the river scene very well =) We will be back with some audition footage...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sechs volt babe....

World Wide Mug

The Sechs Volt mugs are spreading around the world. This summer we met a couple of nice gentlemen in Hessisch Oldendorf (the other one is behind the camera). And of course we had to give these German guys a real coffe mug. Luckily they found the blog adress on the mug and contacted us. Turns out they have a blog of their own, and they seem to be very good at blogging cool stuff as well. Check it out here:

Chanses are we will see this guys again next time we visit a VW meeting in Germany. Nice to meet you!

Monday, October 12, 2009 strikes again

Once again Frode has posted some real nice pictures from the past. This time some very cool restoration pictures of his former barndoor panel van. He also managed to take som periodic correct pictures of the finished van in cool surroundings before parting with it. We have taken the liberty to post a favorite picture with a clear message; You don't mess with the VW originalpolizei driving an english wannabe sportscar... Here is a link to the blog translated to english, with modern google language technology, a lot of cool stuff to be found here:

Norwegain readers will find the link on the right hand side menu.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sechs volt expanding

The Sechs Volt Garage has for a long time been a free space for some middle aged gentlemen. Here they gather once in while to rest from their stressful everyday life and fiddle around with old VW's. The male-spa has now got a new facility for the coming season. A new "silence room"has arrived, often found in modern office facilities, a small room where you can kick back and relax in total silence. In the picture you see the view from the lounge sofa. We hope this will give some extra energy to upcoming projects this winter. Just take a deep breath and start dreaming... More info to be found on Knechtens own blog, the man behind the idea of the silence cabinet =)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Sechs volt-mugs

Some lucky guys have got their exlusive Sechs volt-mug. If you are one of them we will be glad for a picture with the mug and some Sechs volt-activity:) Please send over your photo to: and we will post it on our blog.
Psssssst! Bluehats is alive:)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

How FAR would YOU go?

After seeing a mindblowing split convertible last night (not related to this posting at all), it brought back a memory from the past. At some point when Fürsten was tracking down the 51 cab now resting in the sechs volt garage, we asked a hypothetical question among the sechs volt members; How FAR would you go, to get one? Based on a theory that VW is a quite male-dominated hobby, that the male statisticly pulls in the paddles before the females, AND if you were lucky enough to track a split cab down. There would be a fair chance of it being testamented to a spouse (statisticly again). And as we know from experience, NOTHING is for sale. So the real question is; How far beyond "second base" would you go to get the current owners signature on the pinkslip?

(We have a theory that the answer to this question is how the Screwdrivers got their #numbers, just hypothetical)

Diamonds are forever

The Sechs Volt had picked up some rumors that a true "phenomenon" in the norwegian VW scene was about to surface again, after years of storage. The car was covered by an article in a norwegian car magazine, before it disappeared from the VW scene due to tragic circumstances. Now many years later, the car has found a new owner, who will without doubt, treat it with the respect it deserves. We were lucky to get ourselves an invitation to the new garage to check out this car in the flesh. Toghether with Gustav "Pealit" Petri we spent a whole evening in Kims garage studying this beauty. WHAT A CAR!! This one is restored in every detail, and taken into considiration restoration was started over 20 years ago, it's really impressive. Today we have everything at hand through the internet, in the nineties you had to GO to Germany or other places to source parts. Repro parts available today, had to be made one-off on this car. We hope to see a lot more of this car at next summers gatherings, looking better than ever.... Someone also mentioned Bad Camberg 2011, we really look foreward to that!! Thanks Kim, we are still drooling (and thats not the coffes fault)...

(Article from Autofil Magazine, Kick ass pictures with snowchains)