Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SCC 2010

The SCC 2010 is over and the Sechs Volt crew are very pleased this year. Bigger, better and more spectacular than ever. The Vintage village had a selection of cars this year that really set the standard. We had a Karmann convertible line up counting 22 cars, we had the third oldest Karmann Ghia in the world, we had an original signwritten highroof split, we had a oldspeed lineup like never seen before in Norway, we had WW2 cars swimming and dirtriding in the forest, and we had a lot of visitors with outstanding cars. The level of cars was simply amazing... And yes, we had a well known samba bus driving around the Village after 35 years under water. And if you have not discovered what SCC is all about, be sure to check the photos and feedback on the internet, and make sure to not miss it in 2011.