Monday, May 31, 2010

Flaaklypa Grand Prix

The 19. annual vintage race "Flaaklypa Grand Prix" took place last weekend. Named after the famous movie, around 340 vintage cars and bikes "raced" through the beautiful mountain scenery of Lom, Skjaak and of course Flaaklypa. A lot of nice rides and vintage tin were spotted, among these this outlaw 356 C was one of my favorites...a nice switter was also present =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great pictures of the 51 convertible just arrived

This is so great... I've been waiting for these pictures for some time now, and finally -they arrived today.
After help form BRM (thanks alot!!!!) i finally came in contact with the former owner witch is over eighty years old now. He drove the car back in the early sixties and has lots of great stories to tell. So far he has only been able to make some very bad photocopies of the originals taken in 1963. Better copies must be made, even if I have to drive down and get them myself
:-) As you can see many details was changed and upgraded as early as back in 1963.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Express Autotechnik KG

A guy named Herman Knust made a cool carb setup for VWs back in the days. In 2003 i discovered an incomplete set and started collecting parts. The incomplete kit came from USA, some was mas made in Denmark, others bought from Sweeden and some small parts even came from France. Last summer I finally had the opportunity to drive it - what a rush!. Here is some pictures of the parts I started with and some other cars that gave me inspiration along the road. The last pictures is taken some days before I started the engine for the first time. Here are some great websites you should visit: 


Monday, May 03, 2010

Ivansson Barndoor

Many scandinavian VW nuts have visited the "Ivanssons bilskrotning" over the years. More and more pieces of history has left the site, and there is often talk about the cars that once stood there "back then". One of the most talked about in recent years is this barndoor in the picture. Quite fun to see that this one ended up as everything but carpenter nails =) Now rolling on it's own wheels, and not far from being roadworthy again! A "legend" is given new life =)