Tuesday, September 12, 2006

..."I found again..."

As we know from the fairytales of Askeladden, he's not giving up his search so easy... And Oval 57 couldn't help it... AGAIN... Try to argue why he should throw it away, it most certainly will come in hand one day to own a piece of machinery like this =)
"It's not gold everything that shimmer, but it can be gold even though it's not shimmering..."
Can you spot the gold in this picture?

In the footsteps of "Askeladden"

"I found, I found said Askeladden"... "What are you going to do with that? Throw it away!" said the others and laughed... And probably would that have been the answer in this picture as well.
One wonders if some of the "Outlavws" is hanging in the same family tree as Askeladden. Risking to cut all family bonding, and the total respect among friends, oval 57 went away and purchased this dreamcar... What a found he said =) Not in a million years has he showed these pictures to his girlfriend. Some people love fairytales, that's what makes us Outlavws...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The cows are eaten up and the machinery moves in....

The good old time is past, and the future for an old "fjøs"/cowhouse is storing or car-garage?

In this case the cowhouse become a room for everything. Sand, eqipment for the garden, materials, and so on. After a few years the idea came up for storing my VW and a few more during the winter.

So, this pic shows how it was 2 years ago, and the pic under last nigth..... What do you prefer?

Christmas came early this year

It seems that some of the Outlavws has behaved well this year. It started earlier this summer, and we now thoght we had plenty of "brezel" for our coffe. Yesterday Father Christmas dropped another gift down the chimney, and there is defenitly not a lack of sweets for the garage-coffe anymore. Not every day you see a line-up of three split windows in the same garage, not by Norwegian standards that is. Even better, these are complete cars going drivable in resonable amount of time. Who said welding rust is boring.... Ever tried a tri-athlon?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some like it hot

And we are of course not talking about naked ladies and sigars... We simply cut to the core of aircooled pornography. And we are so close to the core that some of the 6V Outlavws would loose at least one arm to get it... and that's pretty serious =) We are talking about transplanting new organs to the breathing system of a 25 HK engine. This piece of machinery is highly adored among the club members, and topping this engine whith the very rare, and very sexy "Express Kit", makes the hardest VW nut cry.... Take a look and try to hold back the tears... it really tells if you are a true VW nut =)