Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ultimate adrenalin rush

You often wonder what kind of force can makes us so passionated about these cars. Is it the design? Is it the rarest accessories? Is it restoring them? Is it driving them?

NO, as Brezelfürsten said it, "It's FINDING these cars that makes life worth living"... So when others jumps off a cliff with a parachute, we open another door to an old barn. This is the unreleased footage of Fürsten finding his newest trophy. Can it get any better?

We know there is plenty of excitement out there, so go open a new barn door... It could happen to you too =)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

6V Babe - edition 3

And to keep the 6V boys and the visitors happy, we bring out babe no. 3. I'm not sure what this pose is supposed to illustrate, but early in the fifthies this was probably kind of dirty =) Maybe she just wants some Hüls recliners for her split?

1000 visitors surprise

To give a little pressure on our self to keep up the posting on the blog, we installed a counter on the main site some weeks ago. We can now reveal that someone is working on a new web-product for our blog. This will bring a new dimension to the 6V Blog, and will hopefully be a contribution to make the restoration of a pre 57 beetle easier... We will launch the secrets when the counter reaches 1000 hits =)

Monday, November 26, 2007

6V Babe - edition 2

Well this one is a little tougher... What would you choose? The girl or the car?
For me it's not that hard, I have no doubt about who looks the best now, 50 years later =) Even though she may be a widow sitting on a split cab.

Have Oval57 already got his Christmaspresent?

Yesterday I went for a little trip in the mountains here in Buskerud. I think I was lucky with this catch. What do you think? I also got two windscreen with the BIG SEKURIT-logo on. Most of the glass can i offer for SplitBoy. When I travel around like this I always think on my friends (VW-nuts) in the garage.

Friday, November 23, 2007

6V Babe - edition 1

We received some feedback on our blog regarding the content. Some stated there were a complete lack of girls, but otherwise a complete site. We therefore present "6V Babes", pretty enough to get posted, but not so pretty we wouldnt take the car instead... So as a little topping between the regular posts, we give you VW girls... (We can't help that every girl pictured beside a beetle in the fifthies looked like a prostitute)
Girl no 1 looks very pleased with her split beetle, who wouldn't?

VW Books

If you have ever wondered whats out there in VW related litterature, here is your website:
This is a private collection of books, but is a great database for finding a book you are looking for. Some books are also for sale under a seperate section.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy birthday to Knechten!

Knechten is getting old to day!

Here is a nice picture from our Annual meeting in Drammen. He got this award for his amazing welding on his 52.

Bolt-on splits and barbeque-splits

In the garage right now we are on VERY different levels. Knechten did put his Zwitter on the pan last night, thanks to the "well-bodied" Fursten and me. He is going on with bolting the chassis to the bodyshell. Lucky man! Knechten can maybe show you a little videoclip?
My dad made a nice "Dolly" for my Capitan. See my blog for mor details!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Demolition Derby

During the 6V Annual meeting, Oval 57s newly purchased slotcar track had to be tested. Of course the cars were split bugs with plastic bodies. In good spirit we tested the track with 6Volt, but had to admit that the cars were moving to slow. After a overheated discussion we cranked the voltage up to twelve, and it was a lot more fun... We hope by going public about this mistake, that others can take some learning. This will of course never happen again from any club member. It's 6V or nothing... (Anonymous writer)

Monday, November 19, 2007

6V Annual Meeting 2007

This Saturday the annual gathering of the 6V OutlaVWs took place in clean surroundings, free from grease and dust. This is the only occasion were the boys come together in decent clothing. After hanging out a whole summer in camping outfits and sleeping among empty beer cans, or working in the garage dirty as german pornstars, it was time to celebrate the season. After an excellent meal, it was time for the official program. A suggestion of changing the clubs name to 12V OutlaVWs were eliminated immediately, and a membership was almost eliminated as well. The conclusion of sticking with 6V one more year was appreciated by the majority.

The activity in the club has been good through out the year, and of course this had to be celebrated as well. A number of trophies were handed over in the following categories:
"Kvikkas" for best racing attitude, "Plateknechten" for best sheet-metal work, "Glamboy" for best(worst) chrome-fetish and "6V Spirit" for best contribution to the 6V image. The "6V Spirit" will be an annual trophy handed out to the member found worthy (and has enough room in his shelf). It's a good thing for society that nerds like us are gathered in controlled forms, and not running loose on the streets. God bless the VW addicted...
PS! We have to thank our great 12V friend "Boblehue" for some awesome trophies this year. We are pretty sure he will come around to cut down on voltage real soon and get a sixvolter...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Double Solex 28's

The detail specialist is now working on his Express Anlagen again. It's a time consuming job, and a lot of details to reproduce. Follow the build up of this rare carburator kit through the winter on Brezelfürstens Blog. He has some aces up his sleeve, so much we can tell...
You can read more about the Express Kit at "" and "Gutefahrt" found under our links.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

We are linked up!

In the last we have got a lot of nice feedback for our blogs. But this is the frist time we have registered a link to our blog! This danish blog is very cool. Go visit them after you have enjoyed our blog first!
If you have comments or just want to say how much you love our blog you can send us an e-mail: or leave a comment under one of the posts, they are marked as a small letter.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Heb Song

Found this new hit single by Carsten Reeder on the net today. An amazing tribute to the Hebmüller. A link to Carstens own site is also added. Above is a picture of Carsten and Brezelfürsten dealing "drugs" at Bad Camberg this summer.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Norwegian timetravel

20 years ago theVW scene in Norway was probably in it's prime-time. This was before the internet community ever saw the light of day, and the only influence was through the magazines. The leading magazine covering VW stuff back the was "Right On Magazine" with a mixture of Amcar, bikes, VW's and others. Sitting with a issue from 1988 in my hands I found this ad for tuned VW engines. Kvikk Motor was hot back then, and still are are well known trademark in the norwegian VW scene. The 6V Outlavws are happy to have a Kvikk engine in the club. Some more stuff on the subject to be found under Knechtens Zwitter blog.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The 6V Outlavws cup

When working long evenings and nights in the Outlavw garage, one always need a good cup (or three) of coffee to keep the screwdrivers and wrenches turning. We now proudly present the "6V Outlavw" cup – especially designed for the members. Here we can see Knecthen enjoying a nice cup of hot, leaded, high-octane coffee. We also recommend some welding fumes and grinding dust as aromatizers – it makes a coffee extraordinaire… =)