Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little bastard

Knechten and Fürsten bought this piece of norwegian VW-history last year. They didn't know much about it then, but 
yesterday they finally got some hours free too find out. 
8 dowelled flywheel was found behind the clutch, and after
it had swallowed some gas it was brought back to life again.
I can asure you -it was teardropping to hear a flat four after
a long winter of welding     

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lowered 49 standard for export

Scanning and photoshop work can be fun when you're too far away from the garage and the welder.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The black survivor

This car is rarely seen among photos at this blog.
What you are looking at is an unrestored bug from the good year 1953. 
Many great trips have been done in behind the steeringwheel 
of this car.
Nedless to say, things didn't get any worse after placing the
OG batwing hornring and the OG schenk ashtray inside it. 
"Smoke while you shift gears" 
- and they say a man can't do two things at the same time??

Lazy or hard working guys?

Last summer after digging out a double door bus from the Norwegian woods, two of the members in 6V Outlavws found the backseat in Knechtens car very comfy on the way back home. It was hard work and the bus didn't exactly work with us, so sleeping was a must after this bus-wrestling round. Good night boys, and sleep tight.

By the way: Take a good look at the the first picture, maybe you can see the bus on the trailer.

These running boards are killing me

Some parts are almost always missing on vintage Volkswagens. I believe the OG running boards with the reinforcement made for splits and early ovals fits  nicely into this category. It took me lots of research to find out what they should look like and what material to use. Parts was bought from both Sweeden and US and then they came together after a while . Finally I when I was stupid enough to believe that every piece of these beauties had found its right place in vw-history, new evidence turned up proving that my rubberchoice was all wrong. Great! 

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The ambassador

Her is one "barnfresh" pic of my july 1950 model. Splitboy and Oval57 got one day off work and gave old VW all our attention. The 34 hp engine got out and throwed behind the barn. Crap! The split is rusty, but I think it can be worth saving as a original patina-car. All fenders are original, as well as the bonnet and engine-decklid.

Original suitcase-set

Oval57 always look for new items and gadgets for his collection. But the best for him is option wich can be used with his highly beloved oval.

This "Polaris" set with suitcases comes from ca. 1958 and has been in the same family until now. The same weekend I also got one more "Stabburboks" picnicbox from Stabburet with a split VW on two sides.