Sunday, October 08, 2006

A barn and a split...

When travelling along the countryside, we always find ourselves looking to the left and right in addition to looking on the road. Could there be a beetle out there behind that small group of trees, or beside that barn...??
Oval55 and Oval57 found this split-window beetle up in the mountains while on the annual grouse hunting trip. Standing beside an abandoned barn, wrapped up in plastic, the unmistakable "brezel" was quite visible because of a hole in the cover..... Of course, we just HAD to take a little look.... :-)

The old gal seemed to have been standing outside in the grass for å very long time - based on the quite severe attacks of rust all around. Lots of parts were missing as well. But that isn't always the point, is it..? It is the dicovery that makes the experience....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Preparing for the winter

The progress on the blog the last month has been slim to none. Thats not because we are doing other stuff than VW (God forbid), but we are preparing our workshop for the winter. And the labour put down there, does not deserve all that attention on a VW blog.
But beeing around the outlavws guys doing physical labour, no one really knows how to keep their mouth shut, and the rigging of the garage alway ends in discussing future dream projects. And by no means is there a better way to spend a mid-week afternoon. Some of us got a Gmund-flu earlier this summer, and it still kicks in from time to time. To show you what causes this illness, a picture is shown... Theres no doubt that a car will roll out of our garage inspired by this picture.

Had to let it go

Because of a rich hunting season of old beetles, our beloved panelvan had to go before the winter. Some of us had no problem in seeing the potensial of this unusual double door, but one can not always have in bag and sack at the same time. But after all, driving 30 hours to collect it, the new owner proves worthy of the van. It found a new home in Holland, and the restoration started almost before the van rolled of the trailer. We are exited to see how this one turnes out, and then we can cry and regret the sale. Good luck Martijn and Renee!
Follow the restoration here:

Monday, October 02, 2006

Somtimes the OutlaVWs got a life

When not hunting split, old buses or rare options the members also got a life beside. Two of the members, Oval55 and Oval57 went out in the hills somehwere in Norway searching for the (World famous) Grouse. This picture is only to show that we can do other tings than hunting old crap! Or is it crap? This winter will show if we are able to weld the crap into beauties?