Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Broken windscreen?

Ever looked at your vintage, pre-58 windscreen as the sunlight dawns...and seen the round, transparent circle in front of the steering wheel...and wondered why?

Here's why. The windscreen of our beloved Volkswagens are made out of hardened glass...which shatter to pieces should a rock or similar hit it. Just in front of the driver, a small circle is made of non-hardened glass, and still provide visibility. Another great safety feature from Volkswagen =)
(Popular mechanics DK, 10-1961)

Monday, January 25, 2010

LOBO got his Sechs volt-mug

Last night I met LOBO, and could finally give him a well deserved Sechs volt-mug. He promised to send us a nice picture. LOBO aka Nicolai is a young man with the right interests in life. This picture shows his higly beloved Judson-'54 and some lovely girls. This is actually a normal day in LOBO`s life. Driving his oval and spending time with nice company. (Lobo is in the left of this pic - see if you can spot him). LOBO is a very skilled artist and got his own website. He also has a gift in finding good motives for his sketches =)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

History repeating itself...?

One evening, I found these pictures at my folks....Back in 1970, my dads first car was of course also a beetle, a pearl grey '62 US-spec.
After repaint and a total dismantling of the engine, fitting new gaskets and bearings, the car looked and ran great again!
Looking at these photos, it could seem that my old man and I share the same hobby - this is exactly what I do on my spare time these days...
...the difference is of course that this car was my folks only transportation, and had to be used on a daily basis.
The old car served them well. When it was traded in for a brand new 1300S/"GT Beetle" in 1974, it probably went on to the wide, endless autobahns.....
Driving a beetle couldn't have been that bad, today an all-steel, '63 american roadster still resides in their garage.... =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest score: Split convertible decklid

This time we have something really interesting and rare to show you. After searching high and low - and yes I admit it - even desparatly considered buying a repro decklid, I finally found a original split vert decklid for my longterm project. The decklid has been under my roof for two days now, and both days I just had to take a look at it before rushing to work... Still, I can't yet believe it. What are the odds of finding a split vert decklid in Norway? It has two easy reparable dents, and lots of surface rust. The inner part behind the hinges is the only part that will need some minor welding. Luckily all of the vert-only-parts are in good shape.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

VAU-MAX.DE "covergirl"

Knechtens 52 zwitter has made it to the front page of Vau-Max.de in Germany. This is a website more known to Norwgian watercooler enthusiasts, but as a serious website they found room for a real vintage car as well. The photoshoot took place in the outskirts of Hessisch Oldendorf in the summer of 2009. All photos and text by Igor Vucinic. Even Knechten has to admit there are a lot of cool shots there, and Igor must have some credit for the correctness in the details. Full article
Full story on the restoration can be found in Knechten Vintage Barn

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sechs volt mug

Our famous Sechs volt mug is almost everywhere. This time its in the hands of Olav Fossmellem in Odalen, Norway. He is working on his split wich is bougt from our good friends Erik and Arnt. The split is in good condition, and will be driveable this summer we belive. We wish Olav the best luck with the restauration and hope to see this split on meetings in the summer of 2010.

Looking back at Vintage village @ SCC

It is freeze outside. - 20 degrees. Then its nice to look back at last years big happening. The vintage village at SCC. Schwimming, Kubeling and talking about originality all day long. And low voltage and the correct pices and hottest items of course. Sechs volt did get some new friends they sure will meet again.