Monday, March 05, 2007

In the dark winter nights

At this time of year the summer season is almost forgotten. To refresh the good memories from the 2006 season, I found some pictures to "share the moment". This was the first official club stand the 6V Outlavws put together, just hours before we headed for Mantorp Park. A few of the outlavws good friends are also shown in the pictures.... Next time (2008?) there may be four split window beetles parked in front of our tent...

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Not everyone can see the happiness of owning a trailer full of metal pieces. Split Boy says it's the best thing he ever bought. Well, looking trough "beer-glasses" can fool the best of us. But against all odds, put toghether according to the factory manual from Wolfsburg, the pile of metalpanels is starting to look like a car. It can't be said enough, but this car is going to be a sick ride... Nothing beats an aged bordeaux =)

Progression all over

The garage "crew" is really getting warm, and the cars progression is visible everywhere you look. Fursten welded in his outer channel, after quite a heavy straightening job on the door sill.

He is also very happy with our newest tool, a mini-grinder. It may look as he has cut out all his teeth with this tool in the picture, but luckily that is not the case.... Did he mention something about buying a newer and rust free car next time??

Zwitter milestone

A personal milestone for Knechten was reached last night. One corner of the car is now welded rock solid. More details on the Zwitter Blog.... 1/4 of the welding job is done =)