Monday, August 24, 2009

Sechs Volt holidays

The Sechs Volt went on holiday this year as well. This time Knechten has visited the shores of Rhodos with the family. Not easy to switch off the VW button just hours after riding in a schwimmwagen at SCC. The patina of the car in the picture caught my eye at first, but a trained filter saw something underneath the car. Powered by a singleport VW engine this was suddenly more interresting. Turnes out to be a greek produced three wheel truck from the late sixties. Looked like the engine was the only thing holding it togheter. Slammin' it on earlies? Well, then you need to have your legs amputated to fit the front wheel inside the cabin. Not by any means as cool as a matador though. But a cool parts hauler for sure... (WTF was the idea behind the three wheel design?)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Der propellenführer

Oildropman made a little video of one of the 4 Schwimmwagens at SCC 2009. Vintage village did manage 4 ambifiecars this year:) Oval57 sind der propellenführer.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sechs volt at SCC 2009

Sechs volt was there. Splitboy was a bit occupied at home with small kids, but Brezelfürsten, Knechten and Oval57 was there. Our cars was Knechtens Zwitter, Brezelfürstens split and Oval57`s oval, and the 52 Capitan, included a mini-VW. We had a great time arranging the Vintage village with T2Man Svein Olav, Crazy-Morten, Ole Rune, Øystein, Petter, Erik and Arnt.
Also this year we had a Sechs volt spirit-award. "Boblehue" did make a litle plate and we made a true Sechs-volt prize. This year the price was given to T2Man Svein Olav for his fantastic Barndoor wich is in the true Sechs volt spirit:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Isak and his ambulance

Last year at SCC Sechs volt had a prize called "Sechs volt spirit 2008". The prize is ment for a true Sechs volt-car with attitude and most possible untouched in modern times. Isak Syvehuset got the price last year for his nice split. We met him again this summer in Hessich Oldendorf with his very nice ambulance. He is working at the hospital so that makes sence to own a such car. Isak will attend this years SCC as well.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ole Runes garage

Sunday morning Oval57 took his black beauty out for a ride. Ole Rune, our true Sechs volt-friend had some waffels and coffe ready. Ole Rune never gives up, and in his garage it is some very interesting projects. Now he is working on a 1950 modell 11G he bought from me some years ago. His work is quite amazing and its no doubt that he will be able to cruise with this car sometime. I`m willing to help him sometime during the winter. You will meet him in Vintage village at SCC:)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Driving to SCC with the Express engine

Time was short before Hessisch and I didn't have enough time to finnish this engine. I worked soo hard and still had to leave the car at home. I probably sounded like a grumpy old fool on the way down to HO in Knechtens car. Sorry about that Knechten! Well, now at last, its roadworthy and I am happy to bring it to its first meeting - SCC - the best vw meeting in Norway!!

I am still in need for one more Knecht cyclone filter before i get rid of those ugly oilbath cleaners. Anyone?

Summer vacation 1955 - camping in a "ryebread"

"There are cars, and then there are volkswagens. The Volkswagen is like a disease, and it is contagious....

Everybody knows the little Volkswagen sedan, but its big brother its not that common. This brother is called Kombi- or Microbus according to its finish. A new, genius model is now availlable - the vw-camper - a summerhouse on wheels! When the seats are turned in to beds, this camper will house 3 adults and 2-3 kids.

The camper utilize the same powerplant as the sedan, an air-cooled, horizontal 4-cylinder engine. The top speed for a fully loaded VW-camper is about 80 km/h, giving approx 11 km’s per liter of fuel.
What kind of spare parts you should bring for a long trip? Only a spare fan-belt is necessary. A Volkswagen engine can run 150.000km without any main repairs.” (from Popular mechanics DK, september 1955)

…..I know which car I would have bought if my VW-dealership could offer a factory-fresh, camper barndoor today!

Monday, August 03, 2009

The 52 Capitan - soon on the road again:)

The split will be seen at SCC very soon:) For some more details please check Oval57`s blog.