Friday, July 31, 2009

Knechten and the Abarth

On this picture Knechten (left) are buying a nice Abarth-muffler for his cool Zwitter. Brezelfürsten did buy some parts for his car, but not too much. Oval57 did also buy some, but nothing special? The market at H-O and Bad Camberg is a BIT to expencive:(

Splitboy are working hard with his 50`

At H-O he did bougth some headliner in meters and also an old headliner with bows. Check out his blog for more pictures. Will he be able to paint it before the winter?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New! for 1952 - aerodynamic bumper for small cars

"A german aircraft engineer has made a new aerodynamic bumper for small cars. The new bumper will stabilize the car at high speeds. The bumper, which is named "Aeloran", will be made for a wide variety of car models" (Popular mechanics(DK), september 1952 issue).

The bumper, which was later to be known as the Kamei-spoiler, was officialy presented at the 1953 Geneva auto show by Karl Meier. Whether this new design was ever produced for other cars than the type 1, the story doesn't tell....

Today, this innovative piece of engineering is one of the über-rare accessories for a type 1. Lucky for us, one of the few remaining examples resides in Norway. There has been some debate in the past whether it is pretty or not....but it is indeed definetively cool.... =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Men at work


I remember back in the day when we all worked at the factory and my workmates picked me up outside my house at 5 o clock in the morning. Then we had a cup of coffe in the front seat and qued slowly towards the factory gate for another day at the line….

Or not? Anyway it must have been a nice ride to work in the fifties. Oval 57 looks quite happy behind the wheel of T2man’s 53 Panel.


I did also have the oportunity for a nice session behind the wheel of this amazing norwegian barndoor. For me this tops riding schwimmwagens and kübels… This is a real car for real people, loaded with everyday atmosphere. I was amazed of how tight and complete this car is for being “unrestored” in the means that most barndoors are. Driving such a car is a rare oportunity in Norway, there is only one more drivable barndoor on plates, and that one is in a museum. *Knechten*

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Back from Hessisch

WOW! Hard to describe this meeting in words... The nerves driving the old cars down to Germany, the incredible amount of vintage and special cars, the fantastic people, the atmosphere. We were part of a Norwegian delegation of 9 cars. We had a blast driving there and met a lot of old and new friends.
Congratulations to Splitman and crew for their amazing "Der Wiger Coupe". We had it in front of us or in the mirror the whole trip... What a car!! Thank you to all our travelling friends!
This will go down as a milestone in vintage VW history....
(And to you who got a Sechs Volt cup, we hope you use it in your garage...)
Here are some photos from Igor @