Monday, November 30, 2009


This saturday the Sechs volts with friends headed for Fredrikstad and the Norwegian Hammerworks shop. A few of us had been there before when they were working on Fürstens Split cab, and we also met up with these nice guys in Hessisch this summer, displaying Der Wiger Coupe fresh out the shop. So when we got an oportunity to visit Thomas and Gunnar, it was an offer we could not refuse. The two skilled fabricators showed us a lot of useful tips and tricks in metal shaping and not at least sharing hands-on experience with different tools. Surrounded by vintage hot rod objects and hand buildt motorcycles, the inspiration was everywhere. One thing that maybe surprised us the most, working on top notch american steel for a living, they each had a VW project going on their own... Maybe they got hooked on the Wiger project?
We had a fantastic time and will be in debt for life.... Thank you for taking the time (read: wasting your time on us)!!!
Norwegian Hammerworks also have a spanking new web site up and running, and we were lucky to attend the release party with Gunnars banana cake =) Check it out:
And should you be in need of a helping hand on your vintage project, be sure to give them a call.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winner of the restoration prize 2009

The Norwegian vintage VW club (founded 1966) has an annual prize for "best restoration". On this year's annual meeting our true Sechs volt-friend Erik Sitje was awarded the very sought after prize for his chestnut 52 split. Erik found this car in a forest, and used the next couple of years to restore it. He has told us stories about a tree growing through the wreck when found, and an incredible amount of work and detailing har been put into the project. Erik has a garage filled with several nice VWs, among a beach buggy built for his wife's 39th birthday. He has also been in touch with the 52 Capitan several times, and helped out with his skills at the Sechs Volt Garage. Congratulations!
(We may consider giving you a discount on a Sechs Volt mug after this...)

Cool blog rolls

Here are two blogs we stumbeled across on the internet. Right up the Sechs Volt alley, digging into vintage speed and the atmosphere surrounding it. Please visit here:
Vintage speed and classic racing spirit:
Oldtimer Oldspeed Club:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soon Christmas?

Oval57 is ready with his latest buy for the tree. And best of all, she agree.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First time in Mantorp 1994

I wonder what the price would have been in 1994? I remeber that the speakergrill with clock costed 800 SEK. More pics on the Oval57-blog.

Looking back....

This was to big show-winners in the early 90`s and mid 90`s. Frode Algrøy with his very nice 58 with a lot of cool period-correct options. Frode still got this car, and some other high standard vintage VW-cars. You can go vistit Frode. One another prizewinner for the same period was Ulf Kaiser in his junglegreen 56 oval. We have not seen this car for a few years, but guess that Kaiser still got it, someone got any other tips about that? We can also mention Mr. Aandal and his 61 and 56 Karmann cab as great prizewinners in Norway. We know of both of this cars today. The 61 is in the West of Norway, and the cab is in its very best hands. Pictures is from Splitboys old album.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sechs Volt IRL

Being part of the Sechs Volt Garage it's not unusual for us to get hazzled about our weak batteries and terrible orange headlights. But all myths are not true... This morning a MMS ticked in from Splitboy, parking his Cal looker outside his office just after 7 o'clock. Being in California this would be the most natural thing, but here in Norway the winter has set in and we have already seen the snow. With heavy rake, slippery wide tyres, no heating and a roaring 356 machine in the back, Splitboy hit the left lane to work this morning. Just to prove that Sechs Volt exists in real life too =) Even with a SIX volt battery(!!!!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Der Wiger Coupe photoshoot

The latest Volksworld Magazine is about to reach the newsstands, and this time a fabulous photoshoot and article on the Wiger Coupe is inside. We heard about some "good" pictures beeing taken in Hessisch this summer, and this preview shows exactly how good they were. Congratulations to Øystein and Thomas at Norwegian Hammerworks for a cool article. Can't wait to see it in paper =)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sechs volt in magazines

This months GATEBIL MAGAZINE and BILSPORT got some Sechs volt-stuff. The 52Capitan got a nice picture in the norwegian "GATEBIL", and the Express-engine got one picture in the Swedish "Bilsport" magazine. Sechs volt has been in magazines before, but not to often.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Worldwide-cup from Torstein

Our Sechs volt-friend Torstein aka "Gustav Petri" sent us this photo of the famous Sechs volt-mug. Torstein is a big collector of cool stuff for the early volkswagens, and he got a very nice collection at home. In the summer he drives his original 62DeLuxe with a lot of cool periodcorrect options. We know that he`s dreaming about a superoriginal split without roof or a 11G. When he got the right car it will be a very interesting ride with many of the accessories from his shelf.

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Old Speed Shack - OSS

I'm not sure why we have not told you about this blog before, because it has a lot of really cool stuff. Maybe we want to keep the good stuff to our selves? Chris, the man behind the OSS blog has been in touch with the Sechs volt on email on several occations. There is no doubt this is a dedicated man of the VW hobby, and he really has some cool stuff going on in the spirit of Old Speed. Please go and visit the blog and see all the cool stuff. And Chris, for the record, the Sechs Volts are located in Norway, not Finland ;-) *Knechten*