Thursday, August 31, 2006

The mystery of "Paradise Road"

We all know "Paradise Road" from movies like American Grafitti. Sadly few of us lived in US during the fifthies and sixties and raced the local roads at night. As a true enthusiast, thats something you've always wanted to do... Why not create a Paradise Road of your own? That's exactly what Oval 55 and Oval 57 did in the spring of 2005. They posted the experience on as a thread in norwegian, but the pictures says it all:

I dag hadde jeg en vellykket oppstart av den nye motorn min i benk..en hærlig følelse!
Vel vitende om at min ovals 30 hk-dager snart er talte....var det på tide med et oppgjør...Oval57 har brukt ord som sliten og slarkete om looker'n min...og har sagt at interiøret mitt stinker!Jeg på min side kan nok ha brukt ord som "kjedelig" og "gubbete" om bilen hans.....bare en måte å gjøre opp på det. Like utenfor downtown Mysen er det en lang strekke..."Paradise road"....perfekt for oppgjør av den gamle sorten...

Før start varva jeg den slitne gamle 1200'en det jeg klarte.....kunne formelig høre Ferdinand vri seg i grava.....eller var det det gamle treskeverket som var i ferd med å gå til helv...?

Akselerasjonen i det jeg slapp clutchen og spant(?) i gang var til å ta og føle på........Bugpack spaken føltes god i mot høyrehånda...og smalt som pokemon racerne i "fast and the furious" i det jeg slang motorn mellom gira....Støtfangere, Hazet kit, hengerfeste og nymonterte orgelpiper ble for mye vekt og originalbilens bane...i det jeg raskt akselererte fra den og snart bare kunne se oval57 i speilet...

Sletta var lang og ingen andre biler var i sikte....sola i ryggen og en smule medvind....Likevel, gamla har sparka bedre i fra seg før....
"it's not how you stand by your car that matters, it's how you race your car"
(Fra "The fast and the furious")

The "Paradise Road" is now the offical arena for the 6V Outlavws to set the rank among the club members... Fürsten and Knechten has already something up their sleeve for the next shake down...


Here you see Oval57 cruising beside Ex-RubyRed. You can see his car shining in my polish....

The picture is taken the summer of 2006 cruising home from Mantorp.

In the early beginning

As mentioned before, it took a while to get the VW nuts organized. But when we finally did, we all came togheter for the first cruising with our own cars. Therfore it's fair to say that this picture show the first official cruise night of the 6V outlavws in the summer 05.

Forming a club

This picture looks like any other cruising picture. But it's more than that.... This is actually the first time the club members are cruising toghether, a friday in june 2005, heading for Bug Run.
On the side of Ruby Red you can see the mirror image of Oval 57, with Oval 55 by his side. The picture is not showing Brezelfürsten in his PLASTIC Mercedes right behind the beetles, but thats an incident we still don't talk about. The 6v Outlavws was practically born this weekend, but it took a while to get it all organized and give the club a proper name. Destiny and a handful of Volkswagen-nuts at the right place at the right time made it all happen =)

The transformation

Back to the transformation of the Jungle Green 56. Looking at the pictures it's not hard to see the change in attitude. It all started when the resto-looking oval received a rebuildt Porsche Goliath engine for the 2005 season. The owner as well as the other club members sensed that something where wrong, very wrong. Crossing a classic oval with a 356 engine, screams for outlaws attitude. During the winter of 2006 all the plans were made and the needed parts collected for the extreme makeover. But nothing happened, until the lucky owner woke up from a winters sleep and made magic happen. During a long week in May, the two tone paint went solid, diamonstitch interior and bucket seats mounted, T-bars and tyres changed, and not at least; ass up - nose down. And the result is a timeless outlaws inspirated oval that truely reflects the spirit of the 6V Outlavws. Nowadays he only talks about the sky... stay tuned and you'll find out what that is all about..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All things come to an end..

And this autumn was the end for Knechtens relationship with Ruby Red. The hunger for smaller windows caused the sale of a highly loved car. The car was picked up in 98 as a flood-wreck, all beat up and stored in boxes. The spring of 05 the car was ready and running, and passed the MOT whith style. During the winter of 06 the car recieved a more brutal rake, and some sweet 70'ies interior parts. The car is now in good hands and will most likely recieve a HUGE IDA motor during the winter. Beeing Knechtens first aircooled ride, this car is deeply missed... But something to cheer him up is already waiting in the garage =)

The line up

Here is another shot of the club line up, at Mantorp park during Bug Run 06. In 2005 only two of the members cars were ready for the 1000 km trip to Sweden. This year we all had our own cars and it made the trip a blast... The meeting was good enough, but nothing beats cruising on the highway with a clear blue sky. Looking into our garage this autumn, it's not easy to tell who-where or what we are driving next year...

Summer of love

As the summer is fading out, it's always nice to look back at the happenings this year. All members worked hard through the winter, and as always the the snowmelting came as a surprise for everyone. The man who held his head cold was Oval 55, who transformed his two-colored resto-looker into a hard core Jungle green beast in only a week. The result was oustanding, and not only the outside, diamondstich interior and a 356 engine in the back puts the icing on the cake. This year all the lads had running cars and made it all the way to BugRun 06. Here is a line up of some of the club cars: OG showfinnish Oval 57, untouched Oval 53, 66 Ruby Red (now sold) and the 56 jungle beast...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rare parts

Every part is OG, of course.

OG Batwing hornring

"The holy grail", owned by one of the club members.
 The picture say more than a thousand words.

Another one bites the dust II..

There are few things in life that beats the look of a dusty splitwindow on a trailer... Especially when it's your dailydriver towing the trailer... And we smiled all the way home..


Take a close look at this nice piece of design . .

Another one bites the dust...

Another brezelfenster has also found its way into the garage this summer. It is a 52 "cross-dresser" imported to Norway from Sweden in the late 50'ies. More pictures of the restoration will be launched trough this blog as work proceeds, and Knechten puts his grinder in the metal...

Oval 57's barnfind

Here is proud member Oval57`s latest barnfind. OK, the restauration has started but it is not welded jet!

The splitwindow is a 1950 model from Sweden. It came to Norway in 1958.

The winter is closing in on us...

.. and the autumn is a perfect time to collect "gammalt tral" to fill up the garage before the snow. This weekend we collected a few bits from a local flea market =)

The birth of a blog

One year after we etablished our limited members club for six volt Volkswagens, we thought it was a great idea to make our own blog. The blog should give a picture of who we are, what we do and all the fun we have..... The blog should reflect our true saying: " ska ittj prat om ainna.."
Let us dedicate this blog to vintage Volkswages and a lot of brezelfensters. The 6V OUTLAVWS blog is formally opened 29. august 2006.

To show what the spirit of the club is all about, a picture of PURE fun during an august weekend...