Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three rear-engined cars

In their March '54 issue, Popular Mechanics compared three rear-engined cars. Thou shall not dwell on the one on the top....

"The volkswagen-peoples car - is not cheaper than it counterparts, so it can not be the price which has given this car its popularity. In the new model (1954) the factory has corrected all the faults and deficiencies that earlier models had to struggle with....
...the car now also has syncromesh on 3 of the 4 gears...4th. gear is an "overdrive", and not suitable for driving in the city.."

"The Porsche is appointed by its owner to be the best car built to this date.... ..Both engine and body seems to be built like a high-class clock.... ....a lack of luggage space for a as luxurious as this.....for elderly owners, it can be laborious to enter and exit the car..."

Even though I might get both arthritis and lumbago when I get old....I think I would try very my best to cope if a '54 Porsche was my ride... =)

Denmark is a great country:-)

Last friday a big package arrived on my doorstep. First I mistook it for being some boring new kitchen spotlights I´ve been waiting for, but I was soon to be proved wrong. Inside I found a NOS aluminium frame for the convertible project. I first bought a frame i HO 2009 that turned out to be a zwitter convertible frame, but this time I finally got my hands on the correct and missing frame. Now the set of four is complete:-) Searching finally payed off thanks to Peter Plade and XX in Denmark.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sechs volt babe

Enjoy this Sechs volt-babe. If you want to find the other Sechs volt-babes just search for it on the blog. We will like to thank you readers for your great comments on the blogs, and in e-mails. Not everything happens here on the blog, we are busy in the garage and prepering parts and cars for the summer. Splitboy is heading forward with his great project. Tell him to do a update on his blog:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sechs volt mug - serving black(smith) coffee

The happy guys at Norwegian Hammerworks enjoy their coffee with style. Given the happy faces, it's not impossible they got hold of our "Moonshine edition" mugs. Either way, the light of the moon dosen't seem to interfere with their excellent work. We wish Thomas and Gunnar the best of luck on the split(zwitter?) project... It's not listed as work going on in the shop (according to the web site), so we guess this is top secret =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JB VW T2B - Fantastic phot blog

Thank you Johan for leaving a comment and showing us your blog. Outstanding quality on the pictures and lots of interesting motives. Some of the best we have ever seen! A man dedicated to details, seen both in the pictures and not at least in his cars. We will be back to visit this blog for sure!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mr. Bluehat and his Sechs volt DD-cup

Peter Plade from Denmark is one of our true vintagefriends. Last summer he took his supercool oval all the way from Silkeborg in Denmark heading for Vintage village and SCC. His oval is world-wide-known and always pictured. We did also meet in H-O last summer, and then he got his Sechs volt-mug. Peter is always searching for THAT accessory, the little rare one that will lift his car above all the others. He is also very helpful to his Sechs volt-friends in Norway and get us some nice stuff from time to time. Last fall I did meet Peter and Jens in Silkeborg and we had a great time by one crazy collector of Volkswagens. Many thanks for the picture.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The 12 Volts finally got an alternative

12 volt Volkswagens does have a crowd of enthusiasts, even so in Norway. We struggle to imagine what gives them energy to go on, other than modern electricity. The guys who more than triple the horsepower in their engines has a obvious reason for choosing 12 V electricity in their cars. But now we are talking about original car enthusiasts, that claim to be "12 volt og stolt", translated to "12 volts and proud of it". Luckily for us low-voltage nuts, one of the main caracters on the 12 Volt barriere has opened a own blog. We hope to find out more of the 12 volt mystery here in the future. Good luck to our good friend and 12 volt misionary Boblehue. Please visit him HERE, and have a look at his stunning Savannah =)