Monday, October 26, 2009

*Exclusive audition footage*

Earlier this year Oval 57 and Knechten auditioned for the "Pelle Politibil" movie with their belowed cars. Having experience from original-polizei work, they thought they would have shot at becoming movie stars. Before having their cars painted in black and white, they had to pass the first audition with a road test and a river test (as seen in the trailer). This footage is from the first stage of the road test. The river test was never caught on tape, because the cars never made it to the point of where the camera man was standing. Both cars are now drying out in a warm garage... In the edge of the picture you can also spot Fürsten trying out a statist role. Unfornately he did not make it eather, because the jury didn't believe the "puzzle" was a real beetle... Better luck next time for the Sechs Volt =)

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