Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Say no more!

Sometimes words are worthless... This is Brezelfürstens
latest find. This car WILL be a driver next summer -
thats for sure.

First official spy-shot

The first official spy-shot of Fürstens new mistress was released today. This 51 Azur mermaid does not bring any shame on the owner. We could walk down the red carpet anyday with this beauty. We have heard so much about this car, and rumours have circulated for quite a while. But giving us just the little-finger will not help us... We want more =)

Winds of change

To cure the winter depression ahead, the new thing among the 6V boys seem to be swapping trophies. In a "swingers" kind of way, the beloved cars are traded inside the workshop these days. To save the next generations, Brezelfürsten is bringing new blood in the garage. All this mess causes the project blogs to change a little bit, so in the near future there will be some changes in the sub-menus. But stay tuned, some spy-shots of the 51 Azur Mermaid may appear...

The garage wishes Oval 57 the best of luck to finnish the 52 El-Capitan. The Old Ambassador will find it's way to the new home in western Norway in a couple of days.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Broken hearts

With broken hearts we have to move on with a open space in the garage. Hopefully we will come over this loss, but the Ambassador will forever be in our hearts =) The situation for keepeing this car in the club was unfornately not present this time. We hope to see the car road-legal some time in the future. Good luck to the new owner, "a great catch"...


Here is a movieclip of a man with a heavy leadfoot. Driving a car purposebuilt for drag racing in a hillclimb contest on snow covered roads... Simply madness =) But we just love the attitude of JHU... This is music in the ears of a "Hillclimb friendly" garage:

(Picture borrowed from the VW2YOU forum)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rarest of the rare

Many items will turn up on if you search this phrase. 
I believe that only a handful of parts on the site actually deserves
to be called "rarest of the rare". Well, let me present to you the
one and only double ribbed split bumper. A rare part I really 
think deserves to be called by this phrase. Take a look at Carsten
Reeders page for reference

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bellona OutlaVWs!

Our great club have just been certified for the "Svanemerket" wich means that we take care of the environment!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

End of the road...

After making many organ donations for the garage, the 65' savannah finished the very last jurney today. Hopefully it will be used for GOOD repro parts for our cars when recycled. But it was not a sad goodbye, as this car had it's faults... It was offered out for free on the internet, but no one seemed to be interested in bringing it back to life. After a intimate seremony today, it was put to rest. RIP.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Barndoor on the road

I just wanted to show the world this beauty.
Taken in the mountains of Norway probably in the fifties.
Old logo busses are my favorite. Knechten is also drooling 
when splitscreen pickups are driving by. It wouldn't surprise
me if his next project will turn up having a biiiiig logo in front..

From the archive

Here is a little timetravel back to 1994. Mr. Oval 57 is a young man, and the new owner of a oval window beetle. The clip show the car in an early stage of the restoration. He look kind of proud, doesen't he?


To make room for more parts in the garage, it was time to take something out. Old metal scrap and other things not needed, were transported to the happy hunting grounds... Not everyone throw away a 1/4 of a beetle, but it was quite fun in a morbid way =)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Last night the REAL hardcore VW/Porsche guys from Mysen dropped by for a coffe and some waffels. A lot of good stories were shared over the table. Dealing with vintage cars, you cannot get enough details of how it was "back then". Hearing about old racing, engine builds, modifications and all the excperience was quite amazing. I think we all got an idea of how much we have left to excperience if we continue with this hobby. At least we got good feedback on our projects, and that we are heading in the right direction... But, what we consider a whole winters work, these guys would have done in a week. That is what we call "practise make champion" (directly translated from norwegian). Thank you "Porsche", "Gene", "Big Block" and "Notch" for a very nice evening in the garage, and for passing on good knowledge to the next generation =)
What an easy way to kill some hours...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pimp my ride?

Looking at these pictures you might think MTV has been visiting our garage. But luckily, they would have been shot long before they reached our garage door. This is in fact the handy work of Mr. Brezelfürsten him self. Being "barely legal" he started restoring this 65, and put all of his heart into it. As we can see, the attention to details were spot on, even then. As the boy grew, his heart also grew, and there were room for something else... The fresh 65 was traded for the Sandbeige split he owns today... Not everything was better "back then", sometimes the future has something to offer =)