Friday, August 29, 2008

13.000 gives you a Sechs volt-girl!

Splitboy did not like our new girl. He wants boobs. So here you go!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sechs volt mug

Our clubstand

During the biggest VW-meet in Norway ever we gave away some mugs with our logo on. We have some left, and if you want one, give us a message. You must of course have a Sechs volt car!
We are sorry for not have a 12.000-girl for you, but wait for the 13.000 soon to come:)
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Monday, August 18, 2008

SCC & Nordisk Klassisk VW treff 2008

Hebmüller, split cab, barndoors, THREE schwimwagens and alot of kübels was gathered this weekend. Even a Callook guru from the United States came to the show. This was by far the best nordic meeting i've ever attened. Here's some pictures for your pleasure.
All the pictures exept in the water, are taken right next to the staging line at the dragstrip were 9 second passes were served all weekend. That's what we call aircooled harmony. We are very greatful for having so many guests in the "vintage lounge". SCC and NKVW really did have something for everyone. About 1000 people and 400 aircooled VW's enjoyed this weekend.
More pictures:


The sechs volt garage had a special price at this years combined meeting, the SCC 08 and the Nordisk Klassisk VW treff. The "Sechs Volt Spirit Award" was handed out at the prize ceremony to a car selected by the Sechs Volt jury. This years winner was Isak Syverhuset from Norway, with his "untouched" 1950 T1 beetle. The jurys recommendations was based on, the correctness of the car, keeping it with all the atmosphere left in the car, and not at least for not slamming it with modern alloys. It's nothing strange about old men and a stock car, but we honour a young man for seeing the value of such a car. Of course it was road driven to the meeting.

Knechten on a boat-trip

During the SCC and Nordic classic VW-meet Knechten and Oval57 did cruise around in Schwimmwagens.
Much more pics and info will come - stay tuned! We are sorry for no update for a long time.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

SCC & Nordisk Klassisk VW treff 2008

Finally the summer is reaching it's climax in Norway, and the VW gathering of the year is just around the corner. The Sechs Volt Garage are happy to be among the organizers at this years SCC at Gardermoen Raceway. We will be at the vintage lounge of the event, in an area called "Nordisk Klassisk VW Treff 2008". We have specially invited guest with some of the oldest and most interessting VW's in Norway and Scandinavia. If you visit our site (in Norwegian) you will find a list of cars attending our vintage lounge Rumors says that more schwimm and kübelwagens can turn up during the weekend. If your VW buddies are going to SCC 15. to 17. August, be sure to tag along, and visit us at the vintage lounge if the drag racing gets boring. And the best of all, if you drive a pre 57 "stock" VW, we can arrange a space in the line up for you at the vintage lounge. More info about SCC 2008 you will find here:


Monday, August 04, 2008

25 HP engine - stuck in the gearbox

This floorpan has been outdoor for many, many years. Saturday we tryed to get the engine out, but now! It is stuck. Better luck next time!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I am not wasting time

Three days after my son was born, there was once again time to do some work on my split...