Thursday, October 01, 2009

How FAR would YOU go?

After seeing a mindblowing split convertible last night (not related to this posting at all), it brought back a memory from the past. At some point when Fürsten was tracking down the 51 cab now resting in the sechs volt garage, we asked a hypothetical question among the sechs volt members; How FAR would you go, to get one? Based on a theory that VW is a quite male-dominated hobby, that the male statisticly pulls in the paddles before the females, AND if you were lucky enough to track a split cab down. There would be a fair chance of it being testamented to a spouse (statisticly again). And as we know from experience, NOTHING is for sale. So the real question is; How far beyond "second base" would you go to get the current owners signature on the pinkslip?

(We have a theory that the answer to this question is how the Screwdrivers got their #numbers, just hypothetical)

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