Thursday, June 28, 2007

The rarest of the rare??

Sniffing around the greatest VW market in the world like a horny foxhound, can wear out the strongest among us. Never would we believe that the king of swapmeets could run out of batteries. But the combination of marathon searching and the satisfaction of scoring big, put mr. "dubbel-ribbed" in coma when we drove off from BC. It's never far between top and bottom...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bad Camberg 07

Finally the day came and we could head for the famous German VW Meeting. We went for a little "luxury" this time and travelled by plane and slept in a nice hotel. The market was as good as expected, and the prices of course higher than anyone could dream about. Just the way we like it =) Some nice parts found their way home to Norway, though some of us had a struggle getting them through security at the airport.... All in all a perfect weekend for VW nuts like us. We will try to post some pictures of our highlights of the weekend. We will be back!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Savannah 65

Not finnished packing out from Bug Run, the outlavws jumps into another project, just hours before taking off to Bad Camberg. After a ad on vw2you, Splitboy and Knechten went to collect a 1965, former Norwegian "looker". The car has a somehow interesting story, as it was one of the early "old school" lookers on the norwegian scene. The car was bought with the intensions of parting it up, to give fresh parts for a 50 and 52 split. Amazingly the car fired right up, and we drove it all the way "home". The car actually ran so good, we have second thoughts on the slaughtering process..... First thing was getting rid of the bumpers, and with a set of correct wheels, this car would look good instantly... More to come...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Better next year???

The Norwegian VW-society had this year gathered for a joined camping during Bug Run 07.
This worked out well, but somehow a swedish bay window bus packed with fourteeners manage to squeeze in among the norwegians. This was not popular, and playing music all night at a desibel level that no one could talk to each other, made for some physical action. The bay window bus with FJZ*** plates a hereby BANNED by the 6V Outlavws. Next year it may be family-camping at Mantorp for us. We like the VW part of BUG RUN, not the rave-party side... Too bad it's turning in this direction...
PS! We are NOT against drinking beer and playing music, just done within reason...

Mantorp 2007

As always packed with awsome cars and happy people in a special blend....

Mantorp 2007

The boys are back in town.... After a very hot, very nice weekend in Sweden. This time with no problems to the cars what so ever =) a short summary of a perfect weekend could be something like this; good weather, having a few beers, selling parts in front of the tent, talking VW with strangers, finding good and rare parts at the market, seeing naked Finns, no sleeping in a overheated tent, seeing that all the "special" cars had finnish or danish plates this year as well, sitting 15-20 hours in a vintage VW, driving "Outlavw" on the speedtrack at night.....

We will be back =)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There is always a reason

And the clutch problem was not so very complicated after all. The sixvolt crew had a smack in the face once again, trusting the ancient 6 volt system on their beetles. Using a 6 volt flywheel on a "new" engine with o-ring seal on the crank, is not always success. In this case oil had squeezed in between the iside of the flywheel and onto the clutchdisc. resulting in a slipping and overheated clutch. The disc shown in the picture could easily be picked apart with the fingers. The pressure plate was all gone and could be squeezed togheter by man force... That was not right. Everything was cleaned up, and sealer was added to the flywheel and nut, and a fresh clutch disc and a "new" pressureplate were put in place. Engine was installed once again, and the acclerator pump on the carburator cleaned... AGAIN (some idiot used liquid sealer instead of gaskets on the carburator at some point) The result; two lovely skidmarks out of the garage and on to the gravel.... What a differense =)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Old trick

If this is a well used trick from back in the days is hard to say. But certainly they had some problems with the 180 mm 6v clutch back then as well. To stand the spanking from the Kvikk engine, the clutch has to be improved in some way. Monday the old trick found in grandads toolbox going to be tested in the outlavw mansion. Hopefully we can report long skidmarks in the gravel =)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hungry for gravel

This period styled rallye car is starting to look like it used to be driven this way. It is certainly coming together now and the premiere run to Mantorp should be possible. So we thought.... After some local dragracing against the 356 engined Jungle green Oval, the clutch started slipping big-time. It seem to be no other way to sort this out, than to rip the engine out of the car again.

The engine making trouble for the clutch is a engine built by Kvikk Service in Norway, and is based on a singelport 1300 F engine. The only visible proof that the engine is modified are a 8 doweld crank, and some ported heads. The compression also seem to be higher than standard. A 30 PICT carburator with more flow throught it than standard, combined with a displacement of approx. 1750 ccm, makes the whole thing exiting. The package looks pure stock, but after testing against the 356 engine, the power output should be somwhere between 70-80 horsepower at least. The final results to compare will be easier with a functional clutch.

It is one week to Mantorp, and monday evening is reserved for clutch trobleshooting.... the best of luck Fürsten.

No one can argue that the look of the 53 oval in rallye clothing, and the angry retro-engine is a great combo... Pure driving joy =)