Thursday, February 22, 2007

Outlavw times

Some of the Outlavws are a little addicted to the spirit and looks of a 70ies Cal-look beetle. We often dream about how it was to live back then and cruise around in a true Cal-looker. Little did we know about how people REALLY drove around in their beetles in the mid 70ies. Here are two links to Youtube showing some "outlavws" action starring a couple of VWs as well. The key words are Nordschleife and Adenauer... Respect to our parents generation =)
Part 1:
Part 2:


When Fürsten is involved in something related to VW (and that happens from time to time), the level of details are often unlimited. So when the old capitan split needed new outer heaterchannel replacement, no shortcuts was considered. The result shown in the picture is very good, and as close to original as possible for the eye to see. Concidering the amount of hours spent on one piece of replacement channel, I think Wolfparts and others don't have to worry about competition for some time yet. But it's all in the details =) When Fürsten is happy, everyone else are happy...

Friday, February 09, 2007

All for one

Last night in the garage saw splitboy's bug being worked on by all the members present. Starting with most of the panels up front butchered out - the body had started to look like a bug again when we left the barn in the early morning hours. This would not have been possible to do alone... =)

This night, we also made the welder work properly for the first time - with the gas bottle attached to the welder - this started to be real fun!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Taking it a step further

After a day of welding lessons, the skills were tested on real Wolfsburg material. Seeing the result of this fender welded, Splitboy (new nick name) has a fair chance of bringing the gorgeous boureaux back to life. Receiving a hard package from Wolfparts today, we will see some real progression in the Outlavws garage the next weeks =)

Back to basics

We are not all born world champions, and allthough the Outlavws boys are hard as nails, they seem to have a hint of common sense now and then. This time a golden opportunity to learn the basics about MIG welding with a real and very exsperienced teacher, was too good to turn down. We all had a blast during a full day under the supervision of Sr Solberg. As we all know, it always pays off to be the teachers son, and this time was no exception when it came to the welding exams. Someone had taken private lessons and kept his mouth shut...