Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sechs volt expanding

The Sechs Volt Garage has for a long time been a free space for some middle aged gentlemen. Here they gather once in while to rest from their stressful everyday life and fiddle around with old VW's. The male-spa has now got a new facility for the coming season. A new "silence room"has arrived, often found in modern office facilities, a small room where you can kick back and relax in total silence. In the picture you see the view from the lounge sofa. We hope this will give some extra energy to upcoming projects this winter. Just take a deep breath and start dreaming... More info to be found on Knechtens own blog, the man behind the idea of the silence cabinet =)


  1. Her må du nok passe deg for fotoboksene når dette råskinnet kommer på veien;-)

  2. Det brygger opp til kamp på "Paradise road". Førstemann til ICA på under 30 minutter =)