Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New! for 1952 - aerodynamic bumper for small cars

"A german aircraft engineer has made a new aerodynamic bumper for small cars. The new bumper will stabilize the car at high speeds. The bumper, which is named "Aeloran", will be made for a wide variety of car models" (Popular mechanics(DK), september 1952 issue).

The bumper, which was later to be known as the Kamei-spoiler, was officialy presented at the 1953 Geneva auto show by Karl Meier. Whether this new design was ever produced for other cars than the type 1, the story doesn't tell....

Today, this innovative piece of engineering is one of the über-rare accessories for a type 1. Lucky for us, one of the few remaining examples resides in Norway. There has been some debate in the past whether it is pretty or not....but it is indeed definetively cool.... =)

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  1. Now who had one on his car that can give us feedback. Should work.