Monday, July 13, 2009

Men at work


I remember back in the day when we all worked at the factory and my workmates picked me up outside my house at 5 o clock in the morning. Then we had a cup of coffe in the front seat and qued slowly towards the factory gate for another day at the line….

Or not? Anyway it must have been a nice ride to work in the fifties. Oval 57 looks quite happy behind the wheel of T2man’s 53 Panel.


I did also have the oportunity for a nice session behind the wheel of this amazing norwegian barndoor. For me this tops riding schwimmwagens and kübels… This is a real car for real people, loaded with everyday atmosphere. I was amazed of how tight and complete this car is for being “unrestored” in the means that most barndoors are. Driving such a car is a rare oportunity in Norway, there is only one more drivable barndoor on plates, and that one is in a museum. *Knechten*

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