Thursday, July 02, 2009

Back from Hessisch

WOW! Hard to describe this meeting in words... The nerves driving the old cars down to Germany, the incredible amount of vintage and special cars, the fantastic people, the atmosphere. We were part of a Norwegian delegation of 9 cars. We had a blast driving there and met a lot of old and new friends.
Congratulations to Splitman and crew for their amazing "Der Wiger Coupe". We had it in front of us or in the mirror the whole trip... What a car!! Thank you to all our travelling friends!
This will go down as a milestone in vintage VW history....
(And to you who got a Sechs Volt cup, we hope you use it in your garage...)
Here are some photos from Igor @


  1. Paolo/Switzerland06 July, 2009 19:40

    It was pleasure to meet you in HO, I will certainly use the cup at home, not in my garage! Look forward to see you at SCC, har det bra!

  2. Yes, I will certainly use it in my garage today!
    A new (old) engine is waiting to be started for the first time.

    best regards
    jens (1965 Karmann 34)