Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The 12 Volts finally got an alternative

12 volt Volkswagens does have a crowd of enthusiasts, even so in Norway. We struggle to imagine what gives them energy to go on, other than modern electricity. The guys who more than triple the horsepower in their engines has a obvious reason for choosing 12 V electricity in their cars. But now we are talking about original car enthusiasts, that claim to be "12 volt og stolt", translated to "12 volts and proud of it". Luckily for us low-voltage nuts, one of the main caracters on the 12 Volt barriere has opened a own blog. We hope to find out more of the 12 volt mystery here in the future. Good luck to our good friend and 12 volt misionary Boblehue. Please visit him HERE, and have a look at his stunning Savannah =)

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