Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three rear-engined cars

In their March '54 issue, Popular Mechanics compared three rear-engined cars. Thou shall not dwell on the one on the top....

"The volkswagen-peoples car - is not cheaper than it counterparts, so it can not be the price which has given this car its popularity. In the new model (1954) the factory has corrected all the faults and deficiencies that earlier models had to struggle with....
...the car now also has syncromesh on 3 of the 4 gears...4th. gear is an "overdrive", and not suitable for driving in the city.."

"The Porsche is appointed by its owner to be the best car built to this date.... ..Both engine and body seems to be built like a high-class clock.... ....a lack of luggage space for a as luxurious as this.....for elderly owners, it can be laborious to enter and exit the car..."

Even though I might get both arthritis and lumbago when I get old....I think I would try very my best to cope if a '54 Porsche was my ride... =)

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