Thursday, January 07, 2010

VAU-MAX.DE "covergirl"

Knechtens 52 zwitter has made it to the front page of in Germany. This is a website more known to Norwgian watercooler enthusiasts, but as a serious website they found room for a real vintage car as well. The photoshoot took place in the outskirts of Hessisch Oldendorf in the summer of 2009. All photos and text by Igor Vucinic. Even Knechten has to admit there are a lot of cool shots there, and Igor must have some credit for the correctness in the details. Full article
Full story on the restoration can be found in Knechten Vintage Barn


  1. Cool article. as far as i know is v-max made by the former vw scene staff. they left and are now running v-max.