Sunday, January 17, 2010

History repeating itself...?

One evening, I found these pictures at my folks....Back in 1970, my dads first car was of course also a beetle, a pearl grey '62 US-spec.
After repaint and a total dismantling of the engine, fitting new gaskets and bearings, the car looked and ran great again!
Looking at these photos, it could seem that my old man and I share the same hobby - this is exactly what I do on my spare time these days...
...the difference is of course that this car was my folks only transportation, and had to be used on a daily basis.
The old car served them well. When it was traded in for a brand new 1300S/"GT Beetle" in 1974, it probably went on to the wide, endless autobahns.....
Driving a beetle couldn't have been that bad, today an all-steel, '63 american roadster still resides in their garage.... =)


  1. Whats strapped on the roof? New furniture from Sjaak? Cool pictures =)Those ice sleds on the wall would look good on the roof of your new resto looker splitboy... *Knechten*

  2. Interesting and rare stuff for our blog! American Roadster? Have your old man changed his car? (Last time I saw the topless 63 it was all handbuild in real steel:)) *Oval57*