Monday, August 24, 2009

Sechs Volt holidays

The Sechs Volt went on holiday this year as well. This time Knechten has visited the shores of Rhodos with the family. Not easy to switch off the VW button just hours after riding in a schwimmwagen at SCC. The patina of the car in the picture caught my eye at first, but a trained filter saw something underneath the car. Powered by a singleport VW engine this was suddenly more interresting. Turnes out to be a greek produced three wheel truck from the late sixties. Looked like the engine was the only thing holding it togheter. Slammin' it on earlies? Well, then you need to have your legs amputated to fit the front wheel inside the cabin. Not by any means as cool as a matador though. But a cool parts hauler for sure... (WTF was the idea behind the three wheel design?)

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