Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Summer vacation 1955 - camping in a "ryebread"

"There are cars, and then there are volkswagens. The Volkswagen is like a disease, and it is contagious....

Everybody knows the little Volkswagen sedan, but its big brother its not that common. This brother is called Kombi- or Microbus according to its finish. A new, genius model is now availlable - the vw-camper - a summerhouse on wheels! When the seats are turned in to beds, this camper will house 3 adults and 2-3 kids.

The camper utilize the same powerplant as the sedan, an air-cooled, horizontal 4-cylinder engine. The top speed for a fully loaded VW-camper is about 80 km/h, giving approx 11 km’s per liter of fuel.
What kind of spare parts you should bring for a long trip? Only a spare fan-belt is necessary. A Volkswagen engine can run 150.000km without any main repairs.” (from Popular mechanics DK, september 1955)

…..I know which car I would have bought if my VW-dealership could offer a factory-fresh, camper barndoor today!

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  1. I guess the family structure was a bit different back then, considering the camper is equipped for 3 adults and 2-3 kids... Or is there a special seat for the mother-in-law?