Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There is always a reason

And the clutch problem was not so very complicated after all. The sixvolt crew had a smack in the face once again, trusting the ancient 6 volt system on their beetles. Using a 6 volt flywheel on a "new" engine with o-ring seal on the crank, is not always success. In this case oil had squeezed in between the iside of the flywheel and onto the clutchdisc. resulting in a slipping and overheated clutch. The disc shown in the picture could easily be picked apart with the fingers. The pressure plate was all gone and could be squeezed togheter by man force... That was not right. Everything was cleaned up, and sealer was added to the flywheel and nut, and a fresh clutch disc and a "new" pressureplate were put in place. Engine was installed once again, and the acclerator pump on the carburator cleaned... AGAIN (some idiot used liquid sealer instead of gaskets on the carburator at some point) The result; two lovely skidmarks out of the garage and on to the gravel.... What a differense =)

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