Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Savannah 65

Not finnished packing out from Bug Run, the outlavws jumps into another project, just hours before taking off to Bad Camberg. After a ad on vw2you, Splitboy and Knechten went to collect a 1965, former Norwegian "looker". The car has a somehow interesting story, as it was one of the early "old school" lookers on the norwegian scene. The car was bought with the intensions of parting it up, to give fresh parts for a 50 and 52 split. Amazingly the car fired right up, and we drove it all the way "home". The car actually ran so good, we have second thoughts on the slaughtering process..... First thing was getting rid of the bumpers, and with a set of correct wheels, this car would look good instantly... More to come...

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