Thursday, August 31, 2006

The transformation

Back to the transformation of the Jungle Green 56. Looking at the pictures it's not hard to see the change in attitude. It all started when the resto-looking oval received a rebuildt Porsche Goliath engine for the 2005 season. The owner as well as the other club members sensed that something where wrong, very wrong. Crossing a classic oval with a 356 engine, screams for outlaws attitude. During the winter of 2006 all the plans were made and the needed parts collected for the extreme makeover. But nothing happened, until the lucky owner woke up from a winters sleep and made magic happen. During a long week in May, the two tone paint went solid, diamonstitch interior and bucket seats mounted, T-bars and tyres changed, and not at least; ass up - nose down. And the result is a timeless outlaws inspirated oval that truely reflects the spirit of the 6V Outlavws. Nowadays he only talks about the sky... stay tuned and you'll find out what that is all about..

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