Monday, August 18, 2008

SCC & Nordisk Klassisk VW treff 2008

Hebmüller, split cab, barndoors, THREE schwimwagens and alot of kübels was gathered this weekend. Even a Callook guru from the United States came to the show. This was by far the best nordic meeting i've ever attened. Here's some pictures for your pleasure.
All the pictures exept in the water, are taken right next to the staging line at the dragstrip were 9 second passes were served all weekend. That's what we call aircooled harmony. We are very greatful for having so many guests in the "vintage lounge". SCC and NKVW really did have something for everyone. About 1000 people and 400 aircooled VW's enjoyed this weekend.
More pictures:


  1. Looks like you guys had a great week end! Maybe I will come and join you sometime.

  2. Please do Peter! This event was really something. Best event I ever been too in Scandinavia so far.


  3. Nice pictures!

    But where are the 12000 babe?