Friday, April 11, 2008

Nose for gold

Well, as stated before on this blog, we happen to have a first class "fox-hound" in the 6v Garage. Awaiting his split to be released from over 10 years of storage, Fürsten is not resting at all. One could probably say he is more restless than ever =) And for sure, he has a nose for gold. For the rest of us, we once in a while spot a bargain on ebay, but buying "public" rare accesories is not the same has beeing first man on the spot. And then to find accesories from norwegian splits, is quite an achivement. We are already thinking about renting out Fürsten to any female who will contribute to secure the next generation of vw-fox-hounds. The babys in the picture will certainly "fit like a glovebox" on the new split. It's fair to say that the 6V garage is in for an exiting summer, so stay tuned on the blog...

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