Friday, April 11, 2008

The Blue Hats

As a fresh breath to the VW internet jungle, a new blog is born. The VW Blue Hats appears to be some danish vw-nuts spending far to much money on RARE vw-accessories =) Sounds familiar somehow... But to be a real "nut" you cannot always follow common sense... We hope to se more good stuff in the future! All the best wishes from the 6v garage to a great new site!!
PS! The model was hired for the photoshoot, and is not related to The VW Blue Hats, we hope.


  1. Thank you for the nice words about my new blog. I hope you guys will see find interesting!
    And that woman has absolutly nothing to do with the bluehats! :-)

  2. The woman has probably more to do with the 6V Outlavws... Follow the blog this summer and you will understand why =)