Monday, November 19, 2007

6V Annual Meeting 2007

This Saturday the annual gathering of the 6V OutlaVWs took place in clean surroundings, free from grease and dust. This is the only occasion were the boys come together in decent clothing. After hanging out a whole summer in camping outfits and sleeping among empty beer cans, or working in the garage dirty as german pornstars, it was time to celebrate the season. After an excellent meal, it was time for the official program. A suggestion of changing the clubs name to 12V OutlaVWs were eliminated immediately, and a membership was almost eliminated as well. The conclusion of sticking with 6V one more year was appreciated by the majority.

The activity in the club has been good through out the year, and of course this had to be celebrated as well. A number of trophies were handed over in the following categories:
"Kvikkas" for best racing attitude, "Plateknechten" for best sheet-metal work, "Glamboy" for best(worst) chrome-fetish and "6V Spirit" for best contribution to the 6V image. The "6V Spirit" will be an annual trophy handed out to the member found worthy (and has enough room in his shelf). It's a good thing for society that nerds like us are gathered in controlled forms, and not running loose on the streets. God bless the VW addicted...
PS! We have to thank our great 12V friend "Boblehue" for some awesome trophies this year. We are pretty sure he will come around to cut down on voltage real soon and get a sixvolter...

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