Monday, December 09, 2013

Rallye fever

After attending the Petermax Muller Gedechtnis Rennen in the summer of 2013 a rallye fever suddenly struck up north. The Sechs Volt garage was suddenly right in the middle of it all. This leading up to the Flugplatz Scmutz Rennen, an all gravel fiesta for solid generator stand vw's. We will come back with more from the Petermax, Schmutz Rennen and some behind the scene details. The Sechs Volt Garage is tuning back in on the web...

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  1. Very Welcome back to internet! Now is the time to do bloggin, and have a cup of coffee, and just relax, and do the planing for the year 2014!

    Hope to read more here soon!

    // 50 split