Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dyno testing the Express engine

What do you do when the kids and wife are gone for a few days during the vacation? You dyno the engine!
I see lots of guys talking about hp after dyno testing. After doing it myself I realised that the calculation of hp is not constant. When testing yesterday the guy had to put in some numbers in advance about how many horses you "loose" in the gearbox. He told me that you loose different amount of hp in different kind gearboxes, so it will not be accurate. My Express engine with 1,2mm flycut heads and dual 28 pci's with 95" main jets and 180" air jets, dynoed 27 hk on the wheels. As I was told, the actual amout of horses is between 33-36. Just perfect if you want to drive in steady 90 km/h, even uphill :-)


  1. Do you have any video of the motor running on the dyno or running in general? Love to hear what it sounds like.

  2. No, sorry. I didn't record any sound during the test. The best sound is actually inside the car when you step on the pedal. The oilbath filters make a pretty distict sound. Sounds like somebody is using a pressure cooker back there


  3. Thanks for the info on the oil bath sound, might have to run a set of 28PCIs with them just to find out.