Monday, December 14, 2009

The new 1952 Porsche!

Well-known motor journalist and car expert Floyd Clymer travelled through Europe in 1952, visiting most of the motor shows and car manufacturers at the time. While Clymer (who is also known as the editor of "Souping the Volkswagen") visited many factories, we will skip all the boring ones and concentrate on what's important.....
While visiting Stuttgart, Clymer was presented to the lovely Pre-A 356 Porsche. "...the sportscar is supplied with a rebuilt vw-engine, with two carburettors and a high compression top end. The production rate is 100 cars a month, and they are almost completely hand built by 150 workers. The price is 10.500 DM for the coupé, and 12.500 DM for the cabriolet. The sportscar comes with three options enginewise, 1100ccm, 1300ccm and 1500ccm. With the biggest engine, the car can go 160 km/h, which is quite impressive for a car with a engine that small...."

Text below the picture points out how low the car is....

As for the engine; note also the angled "Fram" oil filter on this oh-so-beautiful piece of machinery....
(Popular mechanics DK, June 1952)

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  1. Great pic guys, the engine might be ´52, but the car is a ´50.
    Just thought I should mention it:).
    Very interesting details in the photo.
    I have actually never seen this particular shot before...