Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Screwdrivers blog

The Sechs Volts biggest rivals on the norwegian VW scene, the "Screwdrivers", has entered the world wide web. On several occations during the summer season, we bump into these hardcore enthusiasts. They tend to show up at every VW gathering there is, and so does the Sechs Volt. Not seldom does it all turn into a fierce battle when these rivals meet. It never involves any fist fights, but it all goes down verbally. We usually cope with their southern division, but when things start to get ugly, they always bring in the northern division from Troendelag. We always turn out a size to small, as farmer talk from the prairie can't measure up against the sodd talk from the north... Now it's time to see if they blog as good as they small-talk.

They have some really impressive projects going on for sure, check out Runes barndoor project and lots of other great stuff =)

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