Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BE A MAN - also for 2009

Entering a new year, a new milestone, always makes room for reflection. Living in relatively urban surroundings (in Norwegian scale) and surrounded by trendy co-workers and friends, I believe I see some disturbing changes. Hanging around in our sechs volt garage with grease on our hands, we like to think of ourselves as practical men. Seeing urban “men” not hanging around a garage to often, makes me realize that we are a dying breed. Make up, fashion and cooking seem to be the new trend. The trend these days for the young and upcoming men are, the more “gay-ish”, the better. There is hardly a man under 20 capable of filling washer fluid on his car any more. The "man" in the street get a hard-on from a holding a powerdrill at the supermarket. In ten years there won’t be a 20 year old capable of changing a single light bulb in his own apartment, but naming 10 different types of mascara will be a walk in the park.

I think that the Secs Volt garage, and all VW nuts out there representing the younger generation of our hobby, should take credit for being among the last REAL MEN of our time. Hunting down an old wreck in the forest, and making it road legal again, will in years to come be some of the more “manly” things to do. So the future seems bright… for those of us not planning any surgery down stairs.

REAL MEN drives an old sechs volt car, and know how it works =) BE PROUD!

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