Monday, July 07, 2008

Say no more...

For months I've been trying to track down this 51 vert. Yesterday lots of research and work finally payed off. Three guys drove over 600 km yesterday to make it happen. Its not a perfect car, but HEY - its a 51 vert for cryin' out loud!

As you can see, I was pretty tired and happy after a long and VERY rainy day.


  1. Very cool, congratulations!

  2. If you have to many of these cars in Norway I am willing to help you get rid of some of them :-)
    Congrats on your nice find!

  3. Nice one!

    Keep the spirit alive and give it a touch of vintage speed!

    A mans dream!


    Thomas, Oldspeed-Register

  4. Yo guys!

    What a blast from the past, make my heart go wild!

    Big up from Oslo.

    Mort aka surfer56.