Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bug Run #25

For us Scandinavians it has become a tradition to all meet in Sweden at the beginning of june each year. Norwegians, swedes, danes, finns and some other europeans make this the meeting of the year. For our garage crew this is the annual higlight, and a milestone for having the cars ready. This year we hoped to go with the azur 51, the green oval 56, the 52 zwitter and the savannah 70. Only the oval 56 had been on the road last year. The others freshly restored after years of storage. The 51 azur was left behind friday morning as we left, after hours of trouble seeking through the night. We left with 3 cars, two six volt and one 12 volt. If it was faith is not known yet, but one car broke down on the way home, and YES, it was the 12 voltage 70 savannah. The zwitter and the oval 56 made it all the way home. Even though it is a high voltage monster of modern technology, we hope to see the car car back on road real soon.

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