Tuesday, February 26, 2008

VWinter holiday

This weekend I took my family on a ski-holiday in the norwegian mountains. We drove up late in the evening and arrivied in a blizzard and total darkness. The next morning a magnificent view met us as we looked out. The rest of the family were exited about the mountains, I however, spotted something else =) From the windows in the background of the picture I saw this totally awesome Snowtrac. It turned out to be a 58, the first production year, and one of the first in norway. 30 HP engine, standard 3-spoke steering, and a lot of other cool VW items. It has a certain cal-look stance as well, don't you think? The norwegian mountains have never looked prettier in my eyes =) ... and of course the Snowtrac is driven every winter on 6V...*Knechten*

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