Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A moment to remember

As we like to think of our selves as ambassadors of Norwegian 6V VW action, we are more than happy every time we come across some interesting stuff. We have seen these pictures before, but they can not be seen to often. It's not everyone that can take what they have on the shelf and throw together a ride like this for a single days purpose. But luckily there is a man with courage enough do so, Mr. Norwegian VW museum himself. For the average man this car looks like it's heading for the scrapyard, but in this case the car is more like a display-stand for the accessories. The pictures are taken early in the new millenium, and for the people who knows this man today, the car looks a little to new. So to even that out, he brought his 43 KDF to Bad Camberg last summer. We hope for more stunts from this man in years to come... The pictures speak for them selves, but that GTI badge must have been photoshopped into the picture??
(pictures borrowed from The Judson Register)

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