Friday, February 15, 2008

The Lounge

Having a soft-spot for classic Cal-lookers and their history, we have noticed some interresting things happening on the internet lately. And it's all served from Norway by a couple of cal-look enthusiasts. We really must take our hats off for what they have accomplished in a short period of time. It all seemed to start out as a european cal-look forum, but have become THE cal-look internet forum worldwide.

If you have read Keith Seumes Cal-look bible and thought that you knew all abut the cal-look community in the seventies, you should visit the Lounge. Many the guys from back in the seventies have joined the Lounge, and are sharing storys and pictures from the time when it all started. Cal-look history is written all over again and it's taking place on a norwegian VW forum. Don't miss out on this!

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