Thursday, December 13, 2007

Abarth 30 Hk tuning kit

As we have a thing for nostalgia speed parts, some of the OutlaVWs boys are always sniffing around for more more. This time a combined gut-feel among two of the OutlaVWs brought this carburator kit into the garage. We don't know much about it yet, other that it fits like a glove on a 30 Hk (36 Hp) engine. The intake manifolds are marked with the "Abarth" logo, and the aircleaners with "F.I.S.P.A Torino". The carburators seem to be Solex 32 PBIC as far as we can tell. The linkage is missing, but seem to be some kind of "kadron" type. We are aware of the Abarth mufflers available for 30 Hk engines, but have only read somwhere that Abarth submitted tuning parts for VW. So ofcourse we are very interested in any information on this carburator kit, especially any photo or an old ad that can show the linkage.


  1. Thats one cool carb kit! Sorry I cant help with any info on it.

  2. I just found that post while looking about information about Solex PBIC used by ABARTH.
    I do not know if you already found more information about that kit.
    But maybe this will help you: